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Activio goes Europe

Everybody who’s joined a good indoor cycle class knows what good looks like and feels like. The team spirit, to love the music and to get that sense of accomplishment and the feeling of freedom while you give it your all. To know exactly what your performance is, will only add to the cycling addiction.
Published 1. November 2017

“I Love seeing my progress” is one of the things we often hear from cyclists using our heart rate sensor and our Power Solution system. It puts an end to the guessing and ‘feeling’ and simply tells you how hard you’re working, because monitoring your heart rate and seeing your power is the best and easiest way to measure true physical intensity.

We have several “training solutions”, but no matter what kind of training you want to use it for, it all comes down to the simple, but effective systems and the Activio Smart Belt in which we use state-of-the-art technology to monitor heart rate during your cycling class, when training at the gym or anywhere you like. Depending on the “training solution” your performance and data can be read on smartphone, smart watch, pc or tablet.

Since the beginning in 2003 we have been a world-leading player in Fitness Tech and one of the pioneers and specialists in group heart rate transmission and monitoring systems within fitness, schools and professional athletic training, focusing on global health and human well being. Our products have been installed in nearly 1,500 training facilities, more than half of them in Scandinavia and we’re preparing to expand to more European markets as two new investors have joined us.

Published 1. November 2017

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