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Legend has it

How has indoor cycling evolved over the years, and what does the future hold? We caught up with industry legends Emma Barry and Steven Renata at BODY BIKE’s recent 25th birthday celebrations
Published 31. August 2022

When you have two group exercise legends in one room, well, it would have been rude not to have popped them in front of the camera to hear their recollections of the last 25 years of indoor cycling.

Clear your diary for the next seven and a half minutes and watch as Emma Barry and Steven Renata share not only their memories and anecdotes, but also their predictions for what happens next in the world of indoor cycling.

Emma Barry and Steven Renata
Emma Barry and Steven Renata discuss indoor cycling past, present and future

We’re talking metaverse, data, the sport of fitness and the quest for joy.That’s quite some leap forward from the stories they share of wheeling bikes in and out of a multi-purpose aerobics studio.

Oh, and thanks to Steven for the shout-out for RIDE HIGH, now officially “the world’s biggest cycle club”. Love it!


“this video is what it’s all about. This is what sets indoor cycling apart. This is why the world needs to ride.”

– So says Uffe A Olesen, CEO of BODY BIKE International. Click on the link below to soak in the vibe of the event and see why he’s still buzzing in its aftermath…

BODY BIKE INTERNATIONAL 25 year celebration velthoven

Published 31. August 2022


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