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RPM 100

The OG of all indoor cycling programmes has turned 100 – and Les Mills marked the occasion by filming the 100th release at LES MILLS LIVE Los Angeles, powered by 175 BODY BIKES
Published 27. September 2023

The Los Angeles Convention Center played host to LES MILLS LIVE in July – a high-energy event where, in front of a huge audience of ticket holders and Les Mills community members, the global group exercise giant filmed its latest releases, including the 100th release of RPM.

RPM100 presenters on stage at the live event in LA
Glen Ostergaard (wearing a cap) has designed every RPM release since #26

“We celebrated RPM100 in style,” says Les Mills programme director Glen Ostergaard. “We had 175 BODY BIKES in the room, a great crew on-stage, the event was sold out, and everyone was really into it and there for the right reasons: to celebrate and have fun.

“Through music and language, the class wove a wonderful journey through the history of RPM”
Glen Ostergaard – Programme director, Les Mills

“Through the music and the language we used, the class wove a wonderful journey through the history of RPM, from its very beginnings to where it is now and where it might go in the future.

crew on stage on les mills rpm100 live event in los angles
“We celebrated RPM100 in style, with a great crew on-stage,” says Les Mills’ Glen Ostergaard

“We honoured the late Mike McSweeney, who sadly passed away last year, but who created RPM and designed the first 25 releases. We recognised some of the key presenters over the years, many of whom were in the room. We acknowledged the current generation of presenters on-stage. And we spoke about the generations to come: our own children who one day will take the baton from us. There was a lot of feeling and warmth in the room.”

He adds: “Musically, the warm-up track in RPM100 is the same as in RPM1: Raincloud by Lighthouse Family. You then go on a musical journey, gradually moving through the eras until you get to the sounds of today. There’s a retrospective feel while still using mainstream tracks that everyone will know. And this wasn’t just for LA: this is also the RPM100 playlist for clubs, while the RPM100 class on LES MILLS+ will use footage from LA.”

participants at the les mills rpm100 live event in los angles
The sold-out class had an energy and enthusiasm that “encapsulated why we love what we do,” says BODY BIKE CEO Uffe A Olesen

Celebrating together

He continues: “For me personally… Well, it wasn’t about me, but RPM was the programme I started with – I’ve designed it since release #26 – and it was great to still be there and be part of it.

“It was great to have BODY BIKE onboard too: I love the bike, and the BODY BIKE team really helped us make the event something very special. So a big thanks to them, and to all the organisers who made this a fantastic celebration and a really nice moment for the programme.”

presenters at the les mills rpm100 live event in LA
The RPM100 class on LES MILLS+ will use footage from LA

“BODY BIKE was honoured to partner with Les Mills International to power the cycling sessions at LES MILLS LIVE LA – SPRINT, THE TRIP and RPM100 – with 175 limited edition Smart+ bikes designed exclusively for the event,” says Uffe A Olesen, CEO at BODY BIKE International.

“This was a fabulous milestone for the most famous indoor cycling programme in the world”
Uffe A Olesen – CEO, BODY BIKE International

“These were an incredible few days and I was so excited to attend in person, connecting with fellow indoor cycling enthusiasts and feeling my passion fuelled by the exceptional presenter team. The energy and enthusiasm in the room perfectly encapsulated why we love what we do.

presenters at les mills rpm100 live event with diverse ages
The special RPM class honoured Les Mills presenters across the generations

“The filming of RPM100 was a particularly special moment, fuelled by great memories of the friendly and charismatic Mike McSweeney. This was a fabulous milestone for the most famous indoor cycling programme in the world.

“Our thanks go to BODY BIKE APAC director Lee Smith for his hands-on commitment to the event’s success, and of course to Les Mills for choosing to celebrate this epic milestone with us.”

participant image of the les mills rpm100 live event
The latest releases were filmed in front of an audience of ticket holders and Les Mills team members
Published 27. September 2023


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