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Cycling for a better cause

If TRN’s ‘The Small One’ charity event in November 2017 was a great success, then ‘The BIG One’ in February 2018 was – in terms of money raised, number of participants and rider reaction – an even BIGGER success!
Published 1. April 2018

Fundraising for children with cancer

The focus and main purpose of these TRN bike events is to raise money for children with cancer. At the same time, however, TRN also sets out to create the best indoor bike events possible. That starts with the perfect location: a sports arena with suitable space and service facilities to ensure everything runs smoothly. Then add top-level instructors who create the atmosphere, supported with great sound, lighting, pyrotechnics and confetti.

The idea is to create an event – a show – that feels almost like going to a 12-hour festival or concert. The main difference: you won’t need any artificial stimulants to keep you going for the full 12 hours… just a lot of energy and BIG smiles!

TRN charity event cycling girl

Unsurprisingly it’s hugely popular, as organizer Dennis Marquardt explains: “TRN is a highly acclaimed indoor bike event. Selling all 280 seats in just four hours says it all. We are very proud.”

“No-one delivers a show like this!” enthuses indoor cycling instructor Jesper Skovhave, and fellow cycling instructor Karsten Krause agrees: “I have never experienced an event like this!”

At TRN’s ‘The BIG One’ in Aalborg, Denmark, 1,100 people clicked themselves into those pedals, generated a massive amount of wattage and got their hearts pumping for a good cause, raising €26,000 for the Danish Children Cancer Foundation.

TRN dreaming BIGGER

3 years ago, The TRN organizers where planning their first indoor bike event. At the time they are doing 2 events a year. They have come a long way. Raising money for Children´s Cancer Fund and creating a successful event of a certain scale. But that won’t stop them from dreaming of an even BIGGER event. Let’s see where they will bring TRN Bike Events in 2019?

TRN indoor cycling event

Published 1. April 2018

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