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Les Mills LIVE – Singapore 2019

Live exertainment at its best, this epic event offers community, activity,fun and a chance to network – and the 2,500 tickets are selling fast, says Hylton Drake, COO Les Mills Asia Pacific.
Published 10. January 2019

Regarded by many as the ultimate fitness festival for the region, we combine the best of entertainment and exercise in what we call “exertainment” with the best of stage setup, lighting and sound carefully coordinated with each program track, elevating the offerings of our presenters and the experience of all participants. This will also be exemplified through our program THE TRIP, which takes cycling to a new frontier of motivating and immersive fitness experiences.

Over the last few decades, Les Mills International CEO Phillip Mills has seen huge change in what drives club members and keeps them motivated. In this video, using exercise bikes as an example, he explores how the evolution of technology has helped create a more motivating environment for exercise that helps members achieve more.

Imagine being among over a thousand people, energized by the music, moving full-out to the hypnotic rhythm

We started running Les Mills Live for the first time in Singapore in 2018 and we saw the benefits and potential that it offers to various facets of the business, especially in Southeast Asia which is currently experiencing rapid growth in terms of fitness awareness and gym/club membership adoption. That’s why we decided to bring it back to Singapore for 2019 as it is a strategic point for the various countries in our market to congregate, as well as a popular international hub for other countries. This is possibly why our 2019 event has already attracted fitness fans from as far as US, UK, France and we anticipate that there will be more people from other countries joining us. We’re expecting many international instructors and fitness leaders from emerging and established markets alike to take this opportunity to network while enjoying themselves.

From a participant number of over 1,300 people in 2018, and the rave reviews received, we are not surprised that ticket sales for our 2019 event is already close to that figure at this early bird ticketing stage, and we anticipate to be playing host to over 2,500 participants in 2019!

Imagine being among over a thousand people, energized by the music, moving full-out to the hypnotic rhythm and beats as they are led by our program directors or their ‘fitness heroes’ who are the designers and first teachers of the various Les Mills program tracks and are pretty much synonymous with them.

les mills cycle sprint
The classes will be delivered by a team of hand-picked presenters

This event is not just about ‘doing exercise’ or working out in a group, but it’s about experience, connection, challenge, community and performance. Our goal is that each and every one who attends, leaves inspired and with tools and insights that they can harness and build upon even long after the event ends.

We are excited about the impact that we will be making in each participant’s life through this epic event.

Friday night bikes

For the first time in Singapore: FRIDAY NIGHT BIKES powered by BODY BIKE® makes its debut. The 4-hour cycle-a-thon features popular Les Mills cycle programs RPM, SPRINT and new to market THE TRIP. THE TRIP is an immersive cycle experience where riders are lead through fantastical worlds on big screens. The classes will be delivered by a team of hand-picked presenters from Australia, Southeast Asia and THE MAN himself Glen Ostergaard – the Program Director of both RPM and SPRINT.

Ophelia from Australia is making the trek to Singapore especially for Friday Night Bikes “I’m expecting on the Friday night a whole lot of crazy cycle obsession!”, “We are quietly confident there will be a whole-lotta-obsession as at the time of writing most of the cycling sessions have sold out.”

Amanda Breen, Les Mills RPM Presenter says: “I can’t wait to ride with 150 people who love indoor cycling – the energy will be insane!”, “The fact that we are featuring our 3 cycle programs makes the event even more special, I’m so excited!”


Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) was founded when Bill Robertson, then owner of Deakin Health Spa in Canberra, Australia (now Fitness First) mused the decline in aerobics classes. In search of answers Bill travelled to Auckland New Zealand to investigate a new concept in aerobics: PUMP.

Bill Robertson
Bill Robertson

Immediately he liked what he saw: enmasse members participating in a weights class to music – revolutionary in so many ways: females participating in resistance training, males participating in aerobics and barbells and weight-plates occupying real-estate on the studio floor. Today we would think nothing of this concept – but in the 90s, females and weight-training were atypical, males certainly didn’t participate in aerobics and weights were confined to the gym floor. However, Bill was immediately hooked and recognized the potential in the concept for his facility back home. And right he was: PUMP was a success. Members flocked back to the aerobics studio no thanks to this pre-choreographed-weights-to-music class. This gamble on a single program, in a single facility in Canberra has 2-decades later expanded in to 15 programs (including RPM and BODYBALANCE) across 1,000 facilities in Australia and Southeast Asia. Facilitating these classes across the Asia Pacific region is close to 10,000 Les Mills trained Instructors.

Les Mills mission 

Les Mills’ mission is to create a fitter planet, and we do this by helping clubs build healthier businesses by making more people love their clubs. Our programs help them achieve this through better member acquisition and retention as studies show that club members who join group fitness classes are 4 times more likely to attend their facility. Statistics also show that members that attend their facility twice/week remain a member between 2-5 years. As instructors play a key part in enabling this to happen by delivering our programs, we also focus on growing our instructors so that they become the greatest instructors (and human beings) they can be. LMAP countries Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Guam, Brunei, Maldives, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Laos


Published 10. January 2019

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