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A celebration of teamwork

I tend not to use this page to talk about BODY BIKE – as a showcase for all things indoor cycling, that isn’t what RIDE HIGH is about – yet at the same time, it’s not often you celebrate a 25th birthday!

So here we are, in 2022, celebrating 25 years of BODY BIKE: 25 years in which our bikes have fuelled a passion for indoor cycling across more than 35 countries.

The image opposite gives a feel for our evolution over the years, yet our story isn’t limited to our indoor bikes. From becoming a tech company and a magazine publisher to launching a category-defining eCargo bike under new sister brand BBCARGO, the last 25 years have been characterised by boundary-pushing.

They have also been characterised by teamwork, both within BODY BIKE – with a number of us here from the very beginning – and with our fantastic partners around the world.

Teamwork emerges as a theme throughout this edition of RIDE HIGH, too, from the sibling partnership behind CRU, Singapore’s ‘O.G. of indoor cycling’ to the co-founders of UK-based boutique supergroup United Fitness Brands, to the Herculean effort of the Australian team who recently reclaimed the World Record for longest static cycling class.

Reading all their stories, it feels like good news is finally dominating the headlines.

Yet there’s still so much uncertainty in the world, which is why we made the difficult decision not to exhibit at FIBO last month. We always pride ourselves on our show-stopping stands, from New York apartments to spaceship and everything between, and it simply wasn’t feasible to confidently plan something like that this year.

We’ll be back with a bang at FIBO 2023, but in the meantime, we’ve donated some of this year’s budget to Danish Red Cross in support of Ukraine. I feel passionately that in times like these, we are defined by our willingness to stand together.

In fact, I believe a willingness to stand together is a big part what defines us generally, in life and in work. So I end with a thank you – because as BODY BIKE celebrates its big birthday, we do so knowing we couldn’t have done it alone. To all of you who love the ride as much as we do, thank you.

Uffe A. Olesen
CEO, BODY BIKE International A/S

In this issue of RIDE HIGH

Bebe Ding

In 2014, the Ding siblings – Bebe, Calvin and Valerie – set out to bring a US-style boutique cycling vibe to Singapore. Their CRU brand has since gone from strength to strength, spanning multiple disciplines and locations, a digital platform, a US presence and plans to expand across south-east Asia. CRU’s master trainer and co-founder speaks to Kate Cracknell.

United Fitness Brands

In 2021, Joe Cohen, Robert Rowland and Hilary Rowland co-founded United Fitness Brands (UFB), bringing together their respective businesses – KOBOX and Boom Cycle – as the first step in creating a new ‘supergroup’ of boutiques. They update Kate Cracknell on the story so far.

Align Your Stars

In an omnichannel world, every health club operation should be putting content at the heart of its user experience, says Wexer CEO Paul Bowman – and clubs’ in-house stars are the magic ingredient.

Reclaiming The Crown

In January 2022, a team of cycling enthusiasts from Australia reclaimed what they considered to be ‘their’ Guinness World Record – for Longest Static Cycling Class. Kevin Moultrie, the man behind the motion, talks to RIDE HIGH.

A New Cohort

In the aftermath of lockdown, there’s a whole new community of people who turned to indoor cycling as a way to stay fit while stuck at home. How do we now encourage these individuals to come and sample the in-person experience? We ask the experts.

Power Play

Heart rate, RPM, power zones… Which training method should your club or studio use in its indoor cycling classes, and why? For Peaks Coaching Group founder and CEO Hunter Allen, it’s all about power. He shares his thoughts with RIDE HIGH.

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