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Indoor bike events with a cause is a popular mix of hour-long workout, entertainment and socializing.

10-12 hour Indoor bike events with 300 bikes and a new presenter each hour is discipline of its own within indoor cycling. Not to be compared with a normal 1-hour workout class in the local gym at all.

With up to 300 bikes on the floor and 1200 riders, most teams being 4 persons to keep the bike in motion, but still some are doing all hours on their own. It takes endurance and stamina to ride such hours and you don’t want to burn it all out within the first few hours.

On stage the instructors on the other hand, only ride 1 hour. Giving it their best performance without leaving the crowd exhausted and bored – energized and still wanting more. Keeping the crowd motivated and all bikes in motion till the very end, takes a different approach than a single 1-hour workout class. Presenters often take alternative methods in use. DJ on stage, Live dancers, live singers, live music performance, special themes, music, video, Pyrotechnics, fireworks – you name it!

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